Updating Your Website To PHP 7.3

Updating Your Website To PHP 7.3 Updating your website to PHP 7.3 has many advantages. Your site will benefit from instant performance improvements, with better and tighter security. PHP is one of the most common scripting languages among developers. 80% of websites are developed using PHP coding. Before upgrading it is advisable to check with … Read more

Web Home Page Banner

Web Home Page Banner First impact when a website visitor loads your website homepage is the best way to hold their attention. This can then lead to going further into the site, spending time on the site or going to the next site on the search list. Let’s consider home page banners. An image speaks … Read more

Web Design Development 10 Essentials

Web Design Development 10 Essentials Easy to remember domain name that relates to the site content. First impression graphics, professional web graphics, clear images sized to fit the web-page. Instant content relating to the visitor’s search, with easy to understand reading. Easy to navigate menu and pages. Good interaction and feedback. Clear display on all … Read more

Bespoke E-commerce Web Design

Bespoke E-commerce Web Design Ecommerce websites have been available to customers online for many years. The customer has become more challenging when requiring extra flexibility of how they can mix and match purchases in their shopping baskets. This can vary from the same item in different colours and or sizes. This can become even more … Read more

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Keeping your website design new and fresh is good for ranking and web marketing. Your company social media pages are just as important. New information, text, images, keywording. Both clients and search engines will be impressed with efforts to change enhance and renew. Leicester Website Design continually update content for clients with … Read more

Profile Brochure Websites Comeback

Profile Brochure Websites Comeback Advertising goods and services is an ongoing must for all companies. New product launch, sales and promotions, any type of push to keep the customer informed. Advertising on third party websites with links back to your brochure site is another excellent method for generating traffic and displaying goods and services. A … Read more

Website Development Wireframes

Website Development Wireframes Wireframing is the first step to designing a website. The sites basic structure, produced similar to an architect drawing. It shows the layout to the client for change requests before moving into full website graphics. A good wireframe will also have a full specification described for each web page functionality and features. … Read more

Web Design Leicester Prices

Web Design Leicester Prices The starting points for creating a new website design are planning and pricing. Development costs can obviously play a major part in deciding which web design company to hire. Good planning from the beginning is just as important. Items to consider are timing, can the project be completed on time. Is … Read more

Email Service Upgrade

Email Service Upgrade Email service upgrade. Over the years we have all used either pop 3 or IMAP email clients, they have served us well. Moving over to Office 365 service has many advantages. Here is a brief outline. When we all had one device a desktop or laptop with one email account handling all … Read more

Website Marketing Success

Website Marketing Success Many companies in the current environment are going forward with website marketing. Its now time to seize the opportunity to highlight your business presence on the internet. Be the first to update your company website design and stay in the trend. New SEO strategies combined with extra security, all help to put … Read more