Recruitment Web Development

Recruitment Web Development Recruitment Web Development. There has never been a better time than now for stating a new business in the job recruitment industry. The job market is going through dramatic change. Companies employing again, candidates looking for new jobs or a change in their careers. In other words, a lot of movement. Starting … Read more

Web Design Elementor

Web Design Elementor Web design Elementor content management system page builder for WordPress websites. Elementor has many easy-to-use features. Building pages by creating area blocks that can be sized, split and have attributes assigned to them. Such as page title heading text, Image sizing and overlay text. Insert images in an aligned grid. Rotating carousel … Read more

Client Experience

Client Experience Client Experience. On contact first impressions are very important. When making contact with a new client or supplier, within the first 30 seconds one or both has formed an impression of the other. This can be one sided or mutual impressed or not impressed. On the positive side when both parties are impressed … Read more

Online Store Marketing

Online Store Marketing Online Store Marketing. Having an online store website built is the shop window for your store. What is very important is a good marketing strategy. Researching this before you have an ecommerce website developed will pay off when you are up and running. There are ways to do this. Onsite SEO, this … Read more

Web Development Kickstart

Web Development Kickstart Web Development Kickstart. Time to kick start web design. New era, a fresh new feeling towards business. Many companies are starting to move again after two years of lockdown. People are getting out and about again and spending. A feel-good factor at last is on the horizon. Updating a company’s image is … Read more

Website Future Planning

Website Future Planning Many businesses have been taking advantage of the current situation. With time on their hands thinking about and putting in place plans for the future. Improvements with web design, features and functionality. Goals, team, ideas, and strategy can be concentrated and focused on, without everyday distractions. It’s the smart companies that are … Read more

Virtual Office

Virtual Office Website content management systems, work from any location. Your website has a great front end. Now you need to manage the site activity. With a good and well thought out website content management system, this can easily be achieved and managed from any remote location. Ecommerce sites, manage orders, payments. Marketing, after agreement, … Read more

Updating Your Website To PHP 7.3

Updating Your Website To PHP 7.3 Updating your website to PHP 7.3 has many advantages. Your site will benefit from instant performance improvements, with better and tighter security. PHP is one of the most common scripting languages among developers. 80% of websites are developed using PHP coding. Before upgrading it is advisable to check with … Read more

Web Home Page Banner

Web Home Page Banner First impact when a website visitor loads your website homepage is the best way to hold their attention. This can then lead to going further into the site, spending time on the site or going to the next site on the search list. Let’s consider home page banners. An image speaks … Read more

Web Design Development 10 Essentials

Web Design Development 10 Essentials Easy to remember domain name that relates to the site content. First impression graphics, professional web graphics, clear images sized to fit the web-page. Instant content relating to the visitor’s search, with easy to understand reading. Easy to navigate menu and pages. Good interaction and feedback. Clear display on all … Read more