Website design and development using a WordPress platform

Website design and development using a WordPress platform

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WordPress Web Design Leicester

WordPress web design is very flexible and has many custom plugins to suit most website requirements. Over 30% of websites in the world are built using this platform. Sites can be built from scratch or incorporating template designs, to accommodate all types of industries, organisations, charities and many more options.

WordPress has an easy-to-use content management system and with a little tuition you are up and running. Structure pages, add and change text and images. There is a media library for storing images with its own image editor. Add completely new pages and menu items.

Selling goods and services. There is an eCommerce plugin “WooCommerce” that handles category creation, products and orders. A smooth and customer friendly system for making purchase’s through to checkout. Various payment options and gateways available that can be switch on and off in the content management system, to suit the type of ecommerce site you are operating. Automatic email alerts are received by site admin and customers when products are ordered. All transactions records are stored in the content management system for future reference if required. There is also an option for customers to make quick purchase without registration or to register for quicker product order and payments on future purchase. “Note customer bank details are not stored in the system”

There is a plugin “Yoast” which is an SEO engine to optimise key wording and meta descriptions of your site. It incorporates a traffic light system to measure each of the pages SEO score for search engines. The system analyses each page and gives hints and tips on how to make improvements.

WordPress is constantly updating the platform. Making improvements and security checking. New updated designs and plugins are readily available to keep up with the ever-changing internet, some free others paid, but usually at competitive prices.