Request a Quote Web Design

Request a quote web design

Request a quote web design. An addition to ecommerce purchasing products. This type of website allows a customer to browse products and instead of making an immediate purchase, the products are added to a request a quote basket. The customer same as normal ecommerce websites fills in a form with their contact details, submits the form to site admin along with the list of products the customer is interested in. This opens up a price negotiation process. This is particularly interesting for wholesale and B2B customers. The system can be setup in two ways either or both. 1. The customer simply submits the product list for a quote or 2. The customer can submit a list of products and specify what they are willing to pay. Prices can be submitted or quotes sent back to the customer with a degree of flexibility, depending on quantity, delivery costs, products in stock. Negotiation can take place outside of the website by email or phone or via the site back office. When a price is agreed the quote or offer can be edited in the site back office and converted into an order that is automatically sent by email to the customer. Payment can also be set to off or online. All quotes status is recorded, in negotiation, pending, paid, cancelled. Emails can be sent to the customer with updated status of the quote.

Customers can open a quick quote process without registering or register as a regular user. Allowing the customer to keep a record of all their quotes and transactions. This affords the website administrator to build a relationship with the customer for marketing purposes. Keeping customers up to date with new products end of line discounted products and special offers to reward loyalty.

The system can run as a stand-alone website or integrated into an ecommerce’s site with prices. Categories or individual products can be set as one or the other. If you are selling online adding this option to a website will enhance sales and customer numbers.