Web Home Page Banner

First impact when a website visitor loads your website homepage is the best way to hold their attention. This can then lead to going further into the site, spending time on the site or going to the next site on the search list.

Let’s consider home page banners. An image speaks a thousand words. There are many types of websites and many different reasons to have different types of banners.

Obviously, the banner image should reflect what the site subject is. Many site owners like moving banners showing different aspects of the site content. This can often be a very good method for showing the visitor on the home page what can be found on the inner pages. But there is a need to be careful, on some websites so that it is not a distraction.

On other sites a static banner can be a better option. It’s all about what the website owner is trying to portray. This can only be decided by the owner of the site. Size of a banner is another consideration. A website home page should always have an area for an overall text description of the website content. Good for search engine spiders. Graphics should be optimised with keyword ALT text but a full paragraph of descriptive text will illustrate more details.