Website Design Advancement

Website design advancement and development over only the last few years has progressed into a completely new concept. And is evolving every day. Website design started out with ridged size designs and were generally company profile sites. I bit like an advertisement in a newspaper or brochure. The sites were built with a medium size fixed width in an attempt to display on different size desktop monitor screens. This worked to a degree but often on small screens like the early laptops, sideways scroll bars were need. This meant the user not only scrolled down the pages but also had to scroll sideways to read all the text. The images were inserted in prepared tables on the site which were also fixed. The site becomes very cumbersome. The only user interaction would be to send a message via a contact form.

It was then realised shortly after year 2000 user interaction was the future of website design. Websites needed to allow the user to interact. Example a user login facility on the front end for uploading their text and images. This was just the start. Along came e-commerce, users could make a purchase online. Dating and Social Media sites, users could post profiles and communicate with each other.

This paved the way for not only desktops but also for tablets and phone so users could use this new tool while on the go. At this point website design was still fixed with a ridged width, so display on tables and phones was in miniature. The next step was mobile responsive websites. With the introduction of HTML5 and CSS websites could now be built to adapt, size, layout and easy to navigate on any device. This is what we all know and see today on our devices. I am sure advancement will continue let’s watch this space.