Pro-Seven Soccer

Pro Seven Soccer CMS statistics site.

Pro Seven Soccer presented Leicester Website Design with a extraordinary challenge. When the new bespoke website specification was discussed we were more than interested. This is a project that required unique programming skills. Pro Seven operate a number of seven a side soccer leagues in the UK. Games played three times a week. The website specification needed to handle all leagues. And all players seasons stats. With one input of new game results on a weekly basis in the content management system. Site-wide calculations are updated. All aspects of the site statistics of past and present games are updated. And displayed on the frontend. The site also incorporates many other features. Player profile pages. National and local rankings. Hall of fame plus social media share tools for each page. Many of the games are video recorded and embedded into the relevant pages of the site. Graphics created within the clients guidelines give a look and feel to suit the project subject. The site is working very well, the client is very satisfied.