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Web Design Leicester Archived Articles. A list of articles for back reference. We hope you find our articles interesting.

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Website Hosting

Website Hosting Leicester.

Website Hosting leicester.

Website Hosting

You have had a well designed website developed. A web design company has completed the project. The next step after purchasing a domain name. A good reliable hosting company. To go live on the internet your site. Will need to be installed on an internet connected server. There are many companies offering this service. Good website hosting good support and communications. This is through phone, email and ticket systems. We recommend to have it all under one roof. Our advise is let your web design company organise the hosting. This way any technical support or jargon can be communicated through them. This leave you time to run your site and keep your customers contented.

Improve your awareness

Improve awareness online.

With our total social media management packages. We take care of your social media presence online (Twitter & Facebook) so you can focus on the major points of running your business. We are expert in social media marketing and will work with you to fully understand your business in order to effectively express what you have to offer to your customers.

Friendly Website Linking SEO

Friendly website linking SEO.

Friendly website linking SEO.

Website Linking SEO

Websites require links to other websites for many reasons. This could be for the site visitor to have access to another websites content. This is an outward link. Often giving more details of the link subject. An incoming link is vice versa and confirms that the linked content is valuable and of interest. Search engines look at links incoming and outgoing. Quality incoming links can help with site rankings. Two way linking works well and is endorsed by search engines. Linking should be considered of value to the site user. This is for site credibility. Quality responsible linking with descriptive text is the key.

Recruitment Website Design.

Recruitment Website Design.

Recruitment Website Design

Recruitment Website Design.

Recruitment job agency website. The site has a modern design with many features. Posting of job vacancies. Registration online job application. Fifteen branch locations throughout the UK. Login to account area. Save jobs, application history, job alerts. The site is fully functional and automated with many useful information pages. A news and events section updated weekly. Very interesting site. Well worth a visit for job seekers.

Frontend And Backend Website Development

Frontend Backend Website Development.
Let’s get it right. A good looking website works well. Only when it has efficient backend programming. And vice versa. Frontend development, clean slick looking graphics. Together with advanced HTML5. This combination will give a website an attractive first impression. Something all site visitors like. This is the first step to keeping a site visitor on your website. Equally important positive features. Good navigation is essential. The site works well. Quick response page loading. No errors with visitor interaction. all and everything to create a good friendly user experience. Good programming scripts working in the background. All this will make all the difference. For a “get it right” end result.

Long Tail URLs

Long Tail URLs.

What is a long tail URL. Answer it’s the file name extension of a webpage. The benefit of long tail URLs helps when searches are conducted. This will help potential site visitors. It is important for local searches and specific searches. The more descriptive a webpage name is, the greater chance of a successful search. Good for site owners and good for site visitors. Finding the right search location quick and easy. An example of this can be by adding a City name to the end of a URL. This works well for local searches. Wording for unique products and services. The results will be quality enquiries.

Local web design companies and their importance

Local web design companies importance.
Enquires are received from potential clients. It is a fact that they prefer to do business face to face. Website development can be very existing for a company. So It needs to be spot on regarding image and services offered. A local B2B collaboration and teamwork. This is the best way forward. With web development of your site. Let’s go local as a first call. See what’s on offer. You could be surprised and feel confident.

Web Design SEO

Web Design SEO.

Web Design SEO

Web Design SEO.

Optimising your website is as important as having a great looking website design. There was a time when inserting the right keywords in the header code was sufficient to get a ranking. In recent times its different, with so many websites available dealing with the same subject. Imagine you are looking for a website covering a particular topic. After searching you expect to find websites with the right subject matter. You would also want a website that was clear, easy to navigate and well designed. The best way to achieve this, websites have to be built from the ground upwards with an overall good quality SEO strategy. Planning from the start, the right site structure is essential. Together with easy to read and understand significant content.

Bespoke vs off shelf website software

Bespoke vs off shelf website software. There are many very good downloadable off the shelf software packages on the market. Also thousands of plug-ins. Appropriate for all types of websites. From company profile websites, ecommerce, dating, brochure, recruitment, the list is endless. The big advantage with off the shelf is the content management system. It is already in place. This is time saving for website developers. Plus countless plug-in themes handling layout and colour schemes.
However there are times when a very unique website is needed. This is usually when the site concept is a new idea. In this case bespoke web design and development is the best route. A bespoke site built correctly will have no limitations. Updates and add-ons unlimited. The initial development schedule will take longer.  Overall the software overall will be more flexible.

Websites could be split into two categories

Websites categories.

Depending on what you want to accomplish websites could be split into two categories.
One: graphically appealing. A website with the emphasise on the look and first impression. Sites like this are ideal for company or personal profile’s which will make an impact on the site user.
Two: A selling website. In this type of design a more practical approach works better, good graphics but not distracting. The site visitor is a potential customer and has visited the site with a view to buying a product or service, so concentration should be directed to what the customer is looking for through easy to use navigation.